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Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQ) Instructor Summaries

Retrieve FCQ summary information for individual instructors. The results show all course-sections associated with the instructor in the FCQ system between Fall 1988 and Summer 2017.

Note: The CU Boulder instructor summaries website will no longer be updated. It eventually will be replaced with a more user-friendly and interactive version. For more information, please contact the FCQ program at fcq@colorado.edu or 303.492.7069.

Instructor: Enter Lastname, Firstname

The FCQ instructor summaries report data for tenured and tenure-track instructors, other primary instructors, and teaching assistants.

Data shown for each course-section:
  • Term, sorted by most recent first
  • Course ID (subject-course-section)
  • Enrollment, and number and percent of forms returned
  • FCQ course, instructor, hours/week (incl class), and workload ratings, with difference from department peers
  • Average student grades assigned and difference from department peers
  • Distribution of student grades assigned

Printing tip: Click File → Print Preview and select "Shrink-to-Fit" option to print all columns of instructor summary on one page (i.e., fit-to-width).

Posting record

  • 08/18/2016: Continuing Ed classes changed to display under corresponding Continuing Ed dept vs. Boulder main campus dept.
  • 09/13/2012: Summer 2011-Spring 2012 FCQ and grades summary data added to FCQ instructor summaries.
  • 10/19/2012: Grades summary data in instructor summaries updated to reflect transcript grades at end-of-term for Fall 1988-Fall 1993 and instructor-assigned grades at end-of-term for Spring 1994 and after; prior to 10/19/2012, all grades data based on transcript grades only. Instructor-assigned grades are not changed after initial grades submission; grade changes affect only transcript grades. Instructor-assigned grades and transcript grades may differ for students who took a class with a normal/regular/letter grading method as pass/fail or for non-credit. In these cases, an instructor-assigned grade reflects the instructorís grading behavior while a transcript grade reflect the studentís grade behavior.
  • 09/09/2014: Updated to accommodate 4-character section codes (e.g., 129R). Changed font from proportional to fixed width to help improve readability of instructor summary output on web. Selected values updated for FCQ and grades comparison values: Blank replaced with '0' to signify negligible results, SMR = No comparison info for summer terms due to small sample size, and NA = No comparison info because the section and the comparison group are the same. Other minor cosmetic changes to report output.


ODA: FFF -- L:\fcq\code\webdata\datarqst\instr_summary.htm last updated 12/10/18.

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