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CU FCQ course list audit system for department FCQ coordinators,
Summer 2020

Access and audit your department's FCQ course list: June 3 - June 24

Your department's FCQ course list is stored as an Excel file and will serve as your department's FCQ order. The Excel's first column, "Admin FCQs?", indicates whether or not a course and/or instructor will be administered FCQs (YES or NO, respectively). The FCQ program will set up FCQs for all courses/instructors where "Admin FCQs?" is "YES" in the Excel files.

The Excel files in the FCQ audit system will be updated daily by 8:00 am, Monday–Friday, during the course list auditing period. Any updates made in CU-SIS that affect a course's or instructor's FCQ administration status in the Excel file should be reflected in the Excel file the next business day.

The Excel files for the FCQ course list audit system were last updated at 2:05 pm, 08/05/2020

Please contact the FCQ program at fcq@Colorado.EDU or 303.492.7069 if you have questions or problems.

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